Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I love that feeling when you come back from a heavy duty day.
You know?
When your feet hurt and your heart is full of warmth.
Knowing it was a hectic day but knowing also that you didn't waste any of it.
Like you know that you used the day to it's fullest potential.
When you did everything you wanted to and more.
Realizing that days like this may never come a lot and you're left there being thankful for the day.
Be it simple or not.
You know and you feel it in your heart that you accomplished more than you expected.
Going to sleep knowing you finished what you wanted to do when you woke up.
When you feel energized and ready to keep going.

I almost never have these kind of days.
Or maybe i do but never get the chance to stop and enjoy these kind of days.
When you do stop, you wonder why you never did before.
The feeling is just exhilarating and you just want more.
It's a different kind of high.
The natural, fulfilling kind.
Not the sky scrapping, bungee jumping, sugar gliding kind.
The content, happy feeling of just knowing you are doing well and you can do better if you keep it up.
I am thankful for today.
Better yet, i am thankful to have stopped and cherished today.
I am thankful that i finally opened my eyes to how wonderful my life is.
The reality of my perspective on life.
My very own positive outlook on life.

I vow to cherish every moment, enjoy it to the fullest and keep a straight head.
I promise to have more days like these and make the best when it does come.
I promise to always have a positive outlook in life from now on.
Cause honestly, it's the best feeling.


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