Thursday, June 9, 2011

And I Swore I Saw You Smile

The pain in your heart, i understand why it's there.
You try to let go of it telling yourself you'll be okay.
The little percent of hate you have towards me.
I know it hurts and i know it'll take time.
The way you can open your heart and let out emotions that i have always been too scared to show.
The energy and hard-work you put into everything you do.

My point is I'm Sorry.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'll Kill Anyone Who Tries To Hurt You Because That's My Job And Only Mine

This post is dedicated to the most important person in this whole world.
The person i will kill for and die without.
She's my bestfriend, my soul-mate, my older sister.
She has been there for me through highest high and lowest lows.
She is my strength, my laugher, the core of my happiness.
She is my confidence, my self-esteem, my most harshest judge.
She is strong, intelligent, brave, loving, caring, passionate and one of a kind.
She makes me believe in everything impossible and make them possible.
She is the reason i wake up everyday.
She is the reason my life is complete.
She is the key ingredient in my life.
She made me who i am today.
She has never left my side even when i was telling her to go away.

She's Sharifah Aleysha and she's my heart, my soul and the reason for my existence.

I love you so much, Sha.
Although i don't show it as much, believe that i do.